Jual Mesin Automatic Carton Sealer (Side Belt Conveyor)/FXC-5050
Mesin packing Automatic Carton Sealer (Side Belt Conveyor)/FXC-5050
 packing machineAutomatic Carton Sealer (Side Belt Conveyor)/FXC-5050
powerpack Automatic Carton Sealer (Side Belt Conveyor)/FXC-5050

Automatic Carton Sealer (Side Belt Conveyor)


Power Source : AC220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz.
Sealing Capacity : About 1000 standard casesper hour.
Width of the adhesive tape : 36mm 48mm 60mm.
Way of transmission : Side conveyor.
Max. Sealing Size(WxH) : 500x500mm.
Min. Sealing Size(WxH) : 120x110mm.
Machine Size : 1790 x 800 x 1410mm.

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This Machine Its suitable for forming and sealing cartons of the same size.If carton size need to be changed,the operator should adjust the machine manually (finishing in 2-3 minutes), Its rationally designed so that the forming,folding and sealing process are accomplished simultaneously, All the parts are precise and durable,without causing any vibration in running.Running steadily with long life, Light in weight,high performance and speed.

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