Jual Mesin Automatic L sealer/QL5545B
Mesin packing Automatic L sealer/QL5545B
 packing machineAutomatic L sealer/QL5545B
powerpack Automatic L sealer/QL5545B

Automatic L sealer


Max. packing size : L500*W400*H120 mm
Max. sealing size(L*W) : L550*W450 mm
Power : 1.30KW
Capacity : 0-20 pcs/min
Power source : 220V/380V 50HZ/60HZ
Sealing Temperature : 160-240centigrade depends on thickness of film and environment temperature
Film thickness : 0.015-0.10mm
Working Air-pressure : 5KG/cm2
Film Material : POF PVC
Weight : 320 KGS
Machine size(L*W*H) : L1700*W900*H1400 mm

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The QL-5545 can be added to an existing conveyor line or used by manually feeding the box/package onto the conveyor.Center fold POF/PVC film is used to automatically dispense,wrap and seal over your desired products.The operator manually sets the sealing length for the product to be wrapped.The sealer has a safety system which immediately stops the sealing mechanism in the event the operators hand or object interfered with the sealing operation.The sealing mechanism has a non stick coating which results in a smoke free operation/All excess plastic is wound onto a dispenser below the machine which can easily be dispensed of.Once the product is sealed it then automatically runs through the thermal shrink tunnel where the shrink film is heat shrunk tightly around products.

1.The automatic L type sealer is an integrated automatic production line.
2.Products are fed by conveyor into the plastic sheeting andcut automatically .
3.It has a PLC program control as well as a specially designed protector on the cutting head .
4.It also uses a seal and stick free knife during operation which guarantees consistent smoke free running.

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