Jual Mesin Automatic Labelling Machine/PLM-120R
Mesin packing Automatic Labelling Machine/PLM-120R
 packing machineAutomatic Labelling Machine/PLM-120R
powerpack Automatic Labelling Machine/PLM-120R

Automatic Labelling Machine


Labeling Speed : 30-50 pcs/min.
Precision : 1mm.
Label Size : Length 20-150mm - Width 20-120mm.
Label Roll outer diameter : 300mm (max).
Label Roll inner diameter : 76mm.
Product Size : Diameter 20-120mm Length 20-1500mm.
Machine Size : 1200 x 680 x 600mm.
Weight : 85kg.
Power : AC 110V/220V 50/60 Hz 850W.

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This Product is widely used in labelling various glass, plastic, metal and other round bottle, cylindrical and various slightly conical products.

This Machine is specially designed for the situation that there are many kinds of products from some manufacturers, but the quantity is not large. Its easy to adjust when changing the types of products. and labeling is fast and accurate.

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