Jual Mesin automatic pallet wrapping machine/TP 1650CS
Mesin packing automatic pallet wrapping machine/TP 1650CS
 packing machineautomatic pallet wrapping machine/TP 1650CS
powerpack automatic pallet wrapping machine/TP 1650CS

automatic pallet wrapping machine

TP 1650CS

Power: 220V 50/60Hz; 1.55kw
Wrapping size(L*W) :(500-1100)mm*(500-1200)mm
Max wrapping height : 2000mm
Packing efficiency : 20-40 loads/hour
Turntable speed : 0-12rpm
Turntable diameter : Diameter:1650mm height:85mm
Turntable loading(max) : 2000kg
Up-down frame : Double-chain, Up-down speed variable
Film carriage : Pre-stretch
Control system : PLC
Machine weight(max) : 600kg
Machine size : 2650mm*1650mm*2400mm
Packing size : 2650mm*1650mm*2000m

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Stretch wrapping machines are used to wrap stretch film around a loaded pallet. Film provides extra support while the products are being transported and stored to protect them from tip, spill or from being damaged. Additionally, wrapped loads can easily be separated and identified. Stretch pallet wrapper is widely used in chemical industry electronic industry building materials home appliances papermaking foodstuff & drink etc.

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