Jual Mesin Electrc Quantitative Weigher/DYCS-100
Mesin packing Electrc Quantitative Weigher/DYCS-100
 packing machineElectrc Quantitative Weigher/DYCS-100
powerpack Electrc Quantitative Weigher/DYCS-100

Electrc Quantitative Weigher


Model No. : DCS-100
Weighing extent(kg) : 25-100
Weighing Error 0.1%
Weighing Seped(bag/h) : >240
Power Supply : 380V 50Hz
power expenditure Air Expenditure : 1.0KW 0.3-0.5Mpa, 1m3/h
Outside Dimension(mm)(WidthxLengthxHeight) : 1065x815x2570

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It is suitable for the quantitative packaging of fodder, sugar-making,chemical industry,etc.
Suitable Extent:


1.High calculating precision,repid packaging speed,stable function,easy operation.
2.Adopt imported control instrument,sensor,and pneumatic implementati on component.
3.Automatic error correction,excess alarm,scanty alarm,malfunction checking ability.
4.Component contacted with raw material all adopt imported stainless steel,which can be used for a long period.
5.Transmission motor adopts aluminum alloy stepless speed regulation.
6.Predetermined interface of the printer can print the production data,such as the quantity of package and total weight,etc.
7.Predetermined RS232 series connection interface can be used to communicate with the outside management system by data.

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