Jual Mesin High-Speed Double Face Labelling/PLM-450D
Mesin packing High-Speed Double Face Labelling/PLM-450D
 packing machineHigh-Speed Double Face Labelling/PLM-450D
powerpack High-Speed Double Face Labelling/PLM-450D

High-Speed Double Face Labelling


Drive : Step Motor Driven.
Direct : Right/Left.
Labeling Speed : 20-200 pcs/min.
Precision : 1mm.
Label Size : 120mm.
Label Roll outer diameter : 300mm (max).
Label Roll inner diameter : 76mm.
Bottle Diameter : 25-100mm.
Bottle Height : Width 10-150mm - Length 15-300mm.
Machine Size : 2800 x 1500 x 1600mm.
Weight : 400kg.
Power : AC 110V/220V 50/60 Hz 1.5kW.
Printing Device : HP-260Q.

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This product is widely used in the labeling of circular, square, flat and conical object in pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food and cultural industries.

It can stick square bottles, flat bottles and conical bottles. The machine adopts servo motor contol, human-machine interactive touch screen, and the operation method is simple. it can achieve high speed and accurate labeling.

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