Jual Mesin Vertical Automatic Packaging Machine/HPI-160A
Mesin packing Vertical Automatic Packaging Machine/HPI-160A
 packing machineVertical Automatic Packaging Machine/HPI-160A
powerpack Vertical Automatic Packaging Machine/HPI-160A

Vertical Automatic Packaging Machine


Film width : 320mm
Bag length : 30-200mm
Bag width : 50-150mm
Weasuring range : 50-500ml
Film roll diameter : Max.300mm
Pakaging rate : 30-80bag/min
Power : 220v 50/Hz 2.2KW
Packing film thickness : 0.04-0.08mm
Machine weight : About 350KG
Packing Meterial : 0PP/CPP/OPP/CE,MST/PE/PET/

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1. The machine is featured with compact structure,durable,logical and Preccise.
2, It adopts ligth sensor control system,and is featured with reliable,stable performance.
3, Using VVVF,operation much more stable,low noise,with low malfunction.
4, It can finish automatically all processes,such as measuring,filling and bag marking.
5, With spring pressure knife principle,pneumatic cutting,5 linking bags more stable.

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