Jual Mesin vertical sticker labeling/MPC-AS
Mesin packing vertical sticker labeling/MPC-AS
 packing machinevertical sticker labeling/MPC-AS
powerpack vertical sticker labeling/MPC-AS

vertical sticker labeling


Drive : Step motor driven
Direction : Right/left
Labeling speed : 120-250pcs/mintue
Label size : W10-80mm, L15-150mm
Precision : +1mm(subject to roundness and verticality of the bottle)
Label roll : Max: 300mm
Label core : Stander:75mm(3")
Machine size : 1600*800*1300mm 1800*800*1300mm
Weight : 220kg
Power AC : 110V/220V 50/60HZ 500W
Coding device : Electric DT-280/ Pneumatic DT-380

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Vertical Self-Adhesive labeling machine is mostly applicable for the automatic labeling of column package containers for medicine, daily chemical, food, cultural supplies, electronics and etc. It can automatically check the length of labels and is equipped with warning device of insufficient labels, broken labels and no chromatapes. The touch screen is easy and visual to operate. In addition, it has rich help functions and failure display functions.

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