Automatic filling and sealing cup machine

The Cup Sealer machine is a tool or machine that serves to wrap or close a bottle or glass with plastic. The process of closing or pressing plastic on the Cup Sealer mostly uses a heating system.

Cup Filling is a tool used to fill liquid into a glass while doing sealing automatically. This machine also has the ability to fill the volume of water in a cup (cup) automatically then package it using the heating sealing method. This machine is still included in the Filling Machine category because its fluid filling features are among the most up-to-date and sophisticated.

Auto Cup Filling Sealing 4 Line - has specifications that are not too large, namely four cups or cups for one filling process. However, this tool is capable of producing 4000 cups or cups per hour. The capacity is quite large for the SME business scale.

With the Automatic cup sealing engine you only need to turn on the engine because the engine will work automatically, starting from the running glass process to being filled on the machine then running for press or packaging so you only need to wait for the packaged beverage. This machine also has a full body less stain and is also sturdy. This machine also has several wheels so it does not need to be lifted to move it

Filling machines are automatic machines that are specifically used not only to fill products into their packaging but also can be useful as a machine that helps factory workers to package products neatly.

The Liquid Filling Machine is a device that functions to fill liquid into a package that has been prepared.

Liquid Fillers apply the suction method using a piston to fill liquid into a package. With excellent design and calculation details, make the Liquid Filling Machine can fill the liquid with a very accurate dose. So you do not have to bother or be confused about the volume, because it is guaranteed to have very high accuracy. The hygiene of your liquid product will also be more awake, because there is no contact with the liquid product with other objects.

How to Use the Cup Filling Machine

  • Laying glass. Each glass of packaging will fall according to the container or hole where the filling process is. The glasses will automatically fall into the hole without the help of the operator.
  • Product filling. After placing it, then the process of filling water or liquid. Charging is done accurately or precisely according to the desired dose and fast work process.
  • Printing expiration date / production code. On the other hand, after the next product is filled there is a process of printing expired codes and production codes on the glass cup caps automatically.
  • Product sealing. Next stage The glass surface will be sealed using a package that has printed an expiration date or previous production code. The seal process also runs automatically until the phase of separation between products.

Features and How it Works Automatic Cup Sealer Machine

  • Feeding is useful for placing plastic cups on the conveyor. Plastic cups will automatically enter themselves because of the push of air from the compressor. You simply put a row of glasses into the feeding container. Also pay attention to whether or not the stacked glass is attached or not. The stacked glass that is too attached will make it difficult for the feeding process. The solution, you can pull glasses one by one before entering into feeding to make sure there are no sticky glasses holding together.
  • Filling is the process of filling liquid into a glass. How much water is released by the piston adjusts to the capacity of the glass. These are all controlled by the valve located on the top side of the filling section. On pneumatic machines, as we mentioned above, it can still run even though one of the pistons is jammed and the liquid won't come out.
  • Coding is the process of printing an expiration date on a package.
  • Adjusting & Sealing is the process of adjusting the plastic cover of the glass to fit the packaging and attaching the glass cover. After this process is complete, the glass will enter the cutting process to cut and tidy up the glass cover.

Advantages of Filling Cup Machines

  • The Automatic Cup Filling Machine Will Place The Glass Packaging (Cup) On The Filling And Closing Line.
  • Using a Pneumatic System (Air Pressure) for Pressing and Sealing.
  • Material Filling Is More Effective And Efficient Because There Is No Drop Of Material Wasted Outside The Cup.
  • Equipped with a Record and Detection Tool for Goods Based on Photocell Technology.
  • The Process of Filling, Sealing, and Smoothing the Results of Seals Running Systematically.
  • Made from Foodgrade Stainless Steel A 11 Anti Rust Material.
  • Designed and Made with Full Calculation and Accuracy.
  • Equipped with a Production Code Printing Technology System.
  • There is a Guide Plate for Removing Cups.
  • Sterile, Fast, Safe, Easy, Efficient, and Standard.

Type of Cup Packaging Material

  • PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)
  • HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)
  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
  • LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene)
  • PP (Polypropylene)
  • PC (Polycarbonate)
beli mesin Cup filling and Sealing


Cup filling and Sealing

Model : BG32P
Power Source : 220V 2.50KW
Capacity : 32 cups/min
Temperature : 0-300℃
Seal material : PE/ALUM/PET/PE/PET
Dimension : 2350*700*1650mm
Weight : 500Kgs

Model : BG60P
Power Source : 220V 3.50KW
Capacity : 64 cups/min ...


Cup filling and Sealing

Model : CFD-4
Power : 380V 3.8KW
Capacity : 64 cups/min
Temperature : 0-300ºC
Seal material : PE/ALUM
Air source : 0.4m³/min,6bar
Machine size : 3300*870*1750mm
Weight : 800KGS ...


Milk Bottle Filling and Sealing

Model : BG48S
Power source : 220V/50HZ 2.5KW
Filling range : 100-250 ml, 250-500ml
Capacity : 2500 bottles/hour
Temperature : 0-300°C
Seal material : PE/ALUM
Dimension :2150*700*1550 mm
Weight : 400kgs ...


Cup filling and Sealing

Power Source : 220V 3.50KW
Capacity : 64 cups/min
Temperature : 0-300℃
Seal material : Aluminum Foil
Dimension : 2350*800*1650mm
Weight : 700Kgs ...


Cup filling and Sealing

Power Source : 220V 2.50KW(BG32V)
Capacity : 32 cups/min(BG32V)
Temperature : 0-300℃
Seal material : Aluminum Foil
Dimension : 2100*700*1650mm
Weight : 500Kgs ...

beli mesin Cup Filling And Sealing Machine


Cup Filling And Sealing Machine

Number of cups :4 cups
Power source : 220V/380V/50HZ 3.5kw
Capacity : 60-64cups/min
Temperature : 0-300℃
Seal material: PE, PP, PET/PE
Dimension: 2360*850*1550mm
Weight: 500KG

beli mesin Rotary Automatic Cup Filling Sealing Machine


Rotary Automatic Cup Filling Sealing Machine

Number of cups :2 cups
Power source : 220V/380V/50HZ 2.5kw
Capacity : 20-32cups/min
Temperature : 0-300℃
Seal material: PE, PP, PET/PE
Dimension: 2150*700*1550mm
Weight: 400KG