Automatic Liquid Packaging Machine

Liquid filling machine is one of the automatic filling machines that functions to fill liquid-shaped products into standing pouch, bottle or jerry cans. Usually the process of filling the product manually into a bottle, standing pouch, jerry can takes a long time. Not to mention, high accuracy is needed so the product volume can be homogeneous. By using a liquid filling machine the product filling process can be easier and faster. & Nbsp; Liquid filling machines this can be used to fill in & nbsp; various liquid products such as drinking water, cooking oil, liquid soap, and other liquid products.

Feature of Liquid Filling Machine

  • Liquid filling machines are compact in structure, complete in control systems, comfortable in operation and high in automation.
  • The contact part of the material is made of high quality stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and easy to clean.
  • High-precision and high-speed quantitative filling valves with accurate liquid levels ensure excellent filling quality.
  • The capping head uses a constant torque device that guarantees the quality of the lid and does not damage the lid.
  • With an efficient cover system, there is a complete protection device.
  • A comprehensive cleaning management system ensures the quality of the rinse before filling.
  • With a complete overload protection device, it can effectively protect machine security and operators.
  • This condensing milk packing machine adopts the frequency conversion speed that regulates the motor, which can easily adjust production capacity.
  • The control system has functions such as automatic water level control, lack of a cover detection alarm, flushing alarm and self-stop, and a shift in the amount of production.
  • Installed with a glass shield that meets hygienic and safety standards, the door opens automatically and stops.

Use of Liquid Filling Machine

  • Liquid Filling Machine is a machine that is widely used in almost all industries, both small and large industries.
  • packing lines for bottles and liquids
  • Liquid Filling Machine is relied on by entrepreneurs to simplify, accelerate, and optimize the process of packaging their liquid products.
  • To maintain the hygiene and sterilization of their liquid products is also a reason why they use the Auto Filling Machine.
  • The use of Piston Filling Machines in an industry in the form of liquid products is something that is difficult to separate in the current era.
Piston Filling Machine

ZY series

Liquid Filler

Model : ZY-2
Filling product : Liquid, water
Filling nozzles : 2
Ideal filling range : 20-100ml/50-250ml/100-500ml/200-1000ml/500-2500ml/
Filling speed (1000ml): 480BPH
Filling precision : 20-1000ml:≤±1% 1000-5000ml:≤±0.5%
Air co ...

beli mesin Automatic Plastic Bag Liqiud  Filling Packaging Machine


Automatic Plastic Bag Liqiud Filling Packaging Machine

Measuring: Water pump
Film width: Max.420 mm
Bag length: 80-300 mm
Bag width: 60-200 mm
Filling range: 150-1500 ml
Packing speed: 5-60bags/min
Power: 220V, 50/60 Hz, 2.2 KVA
Package film Materail:OPP/CPP,OPP/CE,MST/PE/PET/PE and etc,
Machi ...

beli mesin Automatic Liquid Packer (With Photocell)


Automatic Liquid Packer (With Photocell)

Model : AS-2000P
Capacity : 1300 bags/hour
Volume : 200ml-1000ml
Power : 220V/380V1.8 kW
Film Width : 320mm/240mm
Weight : 500 kgs
Size : 1050 x 870 x 2100mm ...


Automatic Liquid Packer DXDY

Model : DXDY-40.
Voltage : 220-240V 50 Hz.
Filling Range : 5-40 mL.
Filling Product : Liquid-Y1 Paste-Y2.
Bag Size : L55-110 W30-80mm.
Capacity : 30-65 bag/min.
Sealing Type : 3,4-side.
Power : 1.5 kW.
Machine Body : Stainless Steel.

beli mesin High Speed Liquid Packing Machine KL-300Y


High Speed Liquid Packing Machine KL-300Y

Measure type : Pump
Products touched part material : SS304
Controlling type : PLC
Bag type : back sealing or three sides -> sealing or four sides sealing
Weighing accuracy : ≤±1%
Packing speed : 30~40 bags/min
Supply : 1 Phase/220/50HZ
Power : 1.5K ...