Automatic Paste Filling Machine

The Filling paste machine is an automatic machine that is specifically used not only to fill the product into its packaging but also can be useful as a machine that helps factory workers to package their products neatly. Even sometimes this automatic packaging machine can pack better than what is done by factory workers who package it manually. The Pengamas Filling Liquid machine is certainly already made in detail so that it can help the factory workers with their jobs so they can be many times faster and many times better.

How the Automatic Paste Filling Machine Works

  • Turn on the bottle filling machine
  • Prepare the paste product that will be packed in the provided container
  • Place the bottle packaging container in the provided place
  • paste will be filled automatically through the available nozzle
  • Turn off the machine if the paste filling process has finished

Advantages of Automatic Paste Filling Machines

  1. The form of a sturdy and strong filling paste machine
  2. This filling paste machine is very easy to operate
  3. Compact and simple machine design
  4. Can set the size of the packaging as needed
  5. Can package a variety of paste products
  6. More optimal packaging results
packing line paste filling

GT Series

Paster Filler

Model : GT-2
Filling product : Semi-Liquid; paste
Filling nozzles : 2
Ideal filling range : 20-100ml/50-250ml/100-500ml/200-1000ml/500-2500ml/
Filling speed (1000ml) : 480BPH
Filling precision : 20-1000ml:≤±1% 1000-5000ml:≤±0.5%