Vacuum machine for pack fresh food such as meat, fish and sausages

The vacuum packaging machine is an item packaging device that can remove air before the sealing process. The working principle is unique, namely by siphoning air or oxides in containers or plastic packaging until they run out.

Our vacuum packaging machines also have various types with different specifications. You can choose and use it according to your individual needs. There are machines that are relatively lightweight, making them suitable for home businesses.

The type looks like a washing machine which has four small wheels at the bottom. This will greatly facilitate you when you want to move the machine to another place. Packaging large-sized food products can be done using these two types of machines.

automatic powerpack vacuum machine

It's not neat that packaging will make air, bacteria, germs, and small animals easily enter and damage food. Although it has been equipped with a wrap and placed in a closed box but does not guarantee the product will be contaminated. The problem is the air around the room will trigger the risk of food, such as growing mushrooms. This of course will make your business lose money fast and consumers feel disappointed. Not only used by food entrepreneurs but the community can also use this one machine. There are small plastic packaging devices that are more flexible to use. Usually this vacuum packaging machine is used by housewives to pack food in the kitchen before being put in the refrigerator.

How the Vacuum Packaging Machine Works

Oxygen in the air can react with certain substances in food that can damage food both taste, aroma, and appearance and many of the microorganisms that can cause food to become busus require oxygen to develop. That is why packing with an airtight system can help extend the storage period. By removing air from the packaging, this approach can prevent the oxidation process and the development of microbacteria which can cause damage to food ingredients.

Using airtight packaging will make stored food more durable for three or five times. In addition, the texture of food and the quality of food stored in airtight packaging will be maintained longer.

Function of Airtight Packaging

Airtight packaging is generally done by machines designed for this purpose. The following is how the airtight packaging works. First, the material to be stored in airtight packaging is wrapped in a plastic bag or placed in an appropriate container, depending on the type of material to be stored. Then this package is placed in a chamber inside the machine, where a pump will emit air until the pressure reaches the desired level. Finally, the heating machine closes the plastic bag or other container to prevent the air from re-entering. Using heat and pressure on the edge of the seal of the plastic bag simultaneously will create packaging without strong air.

Vacuum sealer machines are known to be stubborn in packaging food using the working principle of vacuum or suction, this machine works simultaneously to suck all the air in your product packaging, which can cause the oxidation process to change food to be resistant long because bacteria can multiply over a long period of time. Memvakum itself is already very synonymous with sucking, sucking air that is in the packaging of food products is the first step of this machine to work, after the machine has finished vacuuming the packaging ... then the machine will do the sealing process or what is called the Sealer. This sealing aims to make the air that has been vacuumed out of the plastic will not re-enter, or there is leaky air entering from outside into the packaging. Sealing itself is done by heating the plastic layer on the outside, this way you could say the plastic will be fused and sealed perfectly.

For sealing your own packaging you can't think of it as easy and inexpensive, because usually you have to provide your own Vacuum Sealer packaging, because in principle, not all plastic can be used in conjunction with the Vacuum Sealer Machine. Because the usual plastic specs that will be used are sometimes much different from the plastic that has been specially designed by the manufacturer. So for those of you who have a Frozen Food food business or fresh food ingredients in the kitchen but want to keep it so that it lasts and stays fresh, you have to have this Vacuum Sealer machine at home.

The application of this product with packaging is like meatballs, sausages, fish, medical equipment, nuggets, dry tea and others.

vacuum machine application
beli mesin Vertical type External Vacuum


Vertical type External Vacuum

Driven Type: Electric
Voltage: 110, 220-240, 380
Power: 50-60
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Brother
Model Number: DZQ-600L
Dimension(L*W*H): 800*900*1700mm
Weight: 240kg ...

beli mesin Vacuum Machine

DZP-800 2SB

Vacuum Machine

Tegangan : 3Phase 380 V / 50 Hz
Daya : 2200 W
Kamar Ukuran : 83x75x5 cm
Ganda Sealing Bar : 80x1 cm
Vacuum Pump Kapasitas : 63m� / jam
Siklus Waktu : 10-35 sec
Mesin Ukuran : 145 x 74 x 95 cm


Vacuum Machine

Power supply : 3phase,380V/50Hz or 220V/60Hz
Vacuum density : ?0.00094Mpa
Vacuum capacity : 1000*350*60m�/m
Sealing-bar size : 1000*8mm
Packing speed : 6 times/min
Bleed air frequency : 15L/S
Machine size : 1740*1360*1300mm
Machine weigh ...

beli mesin Vacuum Machine

DZ-500 2SB

Vacuum Machine

Power source : 380V/220V/50Hz
power : 2.3KW
workroom size : 570*540*118mm
sealing length : 500*10mm
sealing speed : 1-4pec/min
weight : 250kgs
External size : 1340*850*980mm ...

DZ-600 2SB

Vacuum Machine

Power source : 380V/220V/50Hz
power : 3.1KW
workroom size : 670*540*118mm
sealing length : 600*10mm
sealing speed : 1-4pec/min
weight : 320kgs
External size : 1550*850*1020mm ...