Why Choose Us

very selective in choosing suppliers to guarantee the quality of products sold, in order to guarantee the perfection of processed food products. By using high quality and durable parts, the Powerpack product is strong in its class.

Good sales policy

To provide comfort in the use of its products, Powerpack has an after-sales service center that can make improvements to each of its products.

Customer care better

All Powerpack products are guaranteed 1 (one) year to provide guaranteed comfort in the use of Powerpack products. And Powerpack provides very complete parts.

Flexible payment

Powerpack provides machines at affordable prices while maintaining the quality of each product.

Our Mission

Providing excellent service to internal and external customers So that customers feel satisfied with the products / services we have.

Memperoleh kepuasan dan kepercayaan dari pelanggan atas produk / jasa yang kita miliki.

Memperluar coverage area agar pelanggan merasa nyaman dan mudah untuk bertransaksi.

Menyediakan produk-produk yang berkualitas dan tetap mempertahankan keaslian produk.

Mengembangkan dan memajukan sumber daya manusia dan kerja sama tim.

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